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No words  can express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming support and kindness everybody showed to us ... from Fay's  teachers, friends and schoolmates, my dear patients, the medical and hospital staff, our neighbors, our church,  Phyl's friends and schoolmates, our friends and relatives, and even people we did not know.  We were touched with this outpouring of love for Fay and for us by the community which we did not really realize until this day.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Fay was very much loved by us, the  best gift we did offer her...  that  gift that indeed showed  in her personality.  She was full of love.  She was a child who was a friend to everybody,  was always helpful,  willing to share, with a sweet  and loving personality, cheerful and bubbly yet kept that famous shy smile, and a child who loved her school and CCE class.  She was appreciative of the beauty of nature and loved flowers, butterflies,  and animals. She was unselfish of herself.  She always showered us with love, with her sweet " I love you's", hugs, and kisses,   and always shared her appreciation for whatever we gave her.  She was a great pleasure to have, a precious  treasure to keep.
Fay left too soon.  We will always carry a deep sorrow in our hearts and our lives will never be the same again without Fay with us.  But,  I firmly believe that Fay was sent by God to us to enrich our lives and to give us a small glimpse of eternity..      

 With her leaving us, we were again reminded of the value of each child and each day we are given by God with that Child.  We should be thankful to God for this precious Gift which we have to nurture with Love and Faith constantly because this Gift is not for us to keep permanently. The time is not ours to choose when God asks this Gift to join Him in Heaven.
Fay did not leave us in vain. She lives on through her ultimate and priceless Gift of Life and through her memories that we will all cherish. Fay will always be remembered because she was a very much loved Child, a great Daughter, a model Student, a very good Friend to everyone who knew her,  and now a little  Angel in Heaven.  She left an indelible mark in a lot of people's hearts and lives.  Fay loved us all and she will remember us in Heaven and she will be our Angel.
Knowing that Fay is alive and very happy in Heaven, knowing that Fay is well cared and loved for especially by the Virgin Mary and the Angels, knowing that Fay is safe and secure in the arms of Jesus, knowing that  Fay knew I loved her very  very much and I tried my very best to be the best Mom, knowing that she indeed enjoyed her childhood and life to the fullest,  and  knowing that one day I will be reunited with her are the sources of  my overwhelming sense of  Hope, Comfort, and Strength as I struggle today, and tomorrow.
She was our very precious child, our  great treasure of immense and untold worth, and now our Perfect Angel.  We loved her so much and missed her terribly.  To all those who had been part of my beloved  Fay's  life, even in a small part, we thank you so much for the love and care you shared Fay. She would have not been a perfect Angel without you all who helped my
bloom into such a beautiful child,

Perhaps you sent a lovely card
or sat quietly in a chair...
Perhaps you sent us flowers,
If so , we saw them there...
Perhaps you spoke the kindest
words as any friends could say...
Perhaps you were not there at all.
just thought of us that day....

Whatever you did  to console our hearts
We THANK YOU so much
whatever the part.
For your overwhelming support…
For your PRAYERS
That carried us further you can know.
For reaching out your hands
to pull us through.

You saw our pain and sorrow
Always assuring us,
 There is a brighter day tomorrow.

Knowing you cared enough
Made us feel
We were not alone.

Your concern for us
Taught us what God meant
By loving as I have loved.

You thought your prayers
went unnoticed
That no one knew
of your silent fight for us.
God took notice of your pleas
We took notice of your love for us.

From Fay's  Family
(Dr. L. Santos/ Romie / Phyl)  


No words can describe how I was touched
by what you wrote about Fay.  
I can not express enough of my appreciation
for all your praises on Fay and how you loved her
 and how you missed her.  
I felt sad that Fay had to join the Lord this early ...
when she was a treasure to all of us.

 Fay was a very nice girl,  
a perfect daughter,  and a model student.
Everyday, she was always excited to go to school
to be with you. She loved you all.
 She never spoke against anyone.
 She enjoyed all your company.  
Her sweet, shy smile will always melt my heart.

Like you all, I loved Fay, very much
and I am going to miss her terribly.
Fay was my Precious Child
and now, my Perfect Angel...
and she was a Dear Friend to you all
and now she is your Guardian Angel.
And we will see Fay again,
when it would be our time to go to Heaven.  
 Fay will live on in our hearts
because we all loveher and Fay loves us all...

She might be gone,
as we know her in this flesh…
She is now ANGEL in Heaven
which she always had been..

So when you feel sad ...
Just look up to the sky
And hold your head up high
For it is there that you will see the

Smile at her
for she shall and will
smile back at you.
And just as sure as the rain from the sky drop all around us.
When the sun shines
This is when you and I shall feel the warmth
of her smile.