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July 1997

I loved DISNEY WORLD in Orlando, Fl. We went there the week of July 4, 1997 when my Mom had to attend a medical conference. The place was very beautiful.  We had dinner with Goofy and Donald Duck. I had the chance to meet Mickey Mouse.  Watched a lot of shows.  We visited MGM, EPCOT, and the Magic Kingdom.  Day and night, rain or shine, we were there.  We usually watched the fireworks at night. Enjoyed the rides, and riding the train and the ferry boat. Went shopping too at the World of Disney ... lots of cute stuff.  I was able to see the 101 Dalmatian place and they showed us the props and how they did parts of the movie. I wished all the 101 Dalmatians were there.  I met several Disney characters .. they were all around.  We watched the parades.  Although it was tiring, hectic, and very hot, I did enjoy it...and was worth it.  Well I was the baby, and I did not  worry much. I had my stroller, and my Mom and Dad to carry me.  Too much walking .... but not for me....
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